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Spokane Valley Archery

Junior Olympic Archery Development

Spokane Valley Archery's Committment

Spokane Valley Archery is committed to preserving the sport of archery by providing opportunity
for all youths to participate in the sport. We at Spokane Valley Archery have several nationally
certified instructors who constantly strive to maintain current and up to date information in regards to archery through seminars and certifications. We instruct at a pace that suits each individual archers needs.
You will always find our staff to both friendly and professional.
So sign your kids up now for a fun and rewarding experience.

Parental Involvement

We feel that archery is a family sport and encourage all parents to play a fundamental part in helping
our youth programs develop. We will on occasion ask all parents to help in some way.
Feel free to assist at any time or take part in the Adult Archery Achievement Program.

For more information contact:
Spokane Valley Archery
3809 S. Linke Road
Greenacres, WA 99016


Program Structure

Boys and girls in JOAD who shoot either recurve or compound bows, enjoy state, regional and national
championships in indoor and outdoor target archery. The Achievement levels were designed to provide a
challenge to youth. Success at each level is dependent on the individual"s skill and willingness to
apply themselves. Each archer can advance at his or her own pace. Pins, certificates or cloth bars are
awarded for achievement levels up to Bronze Olympian. JoAD members who achieve the Olympian awards
receive them with special recognition from the US Archery Association.

Achievement Award Program

The JOAD qualifying rounds and achievement levels were designed to provide a challenge for youth in archery achievement. Success at each level is dependent on the individuals skill and effort. Each archer can advance at his or her pace, progressing to the next goal after completing the previous level. Cloth bars are awarded for achievement levels from Yeoman to the rank of Gold Olympian. All JOAD members who attain the rank of Olympian become eligible for selection to the JOAD National Olympic Teams. These teams are given an all expense paid trip by the NAA to the National JOAD Championships.


National Archery Association

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) is a youth archery program for youngsters 18 years of age and under. JOAD is sponsored by the The National Archery Association (NAA). The NAA is a non-profit educational corporation dedicated to perpetuate, foster and develop the practice of the sport of archery. It establishes shooting regulations, conducts tournaments, maintains records and provides organized archery clubs with well rounded programs.

Introduction to Archery Class

We offer an Introduction to Archery class for kids or adults.
This class is required before joining the JOAD or Senior Program.
It is an opportunity to "test the waters" prior to joining either program.
This is a one hour class covering the following areas:
equipment, safety, form and an introduction to shooting.

The cost for Introduction to Archery class

$30.00 for a 1 hour class

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Saturday 10:30 - 11:30 AM

This includes equipment rental and an opportunity to try different recurve bows.
We allow six weeks to shoot 4 classes.

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Friday Night (5:30 - 7:30 PM) -- JOAD Instruction

Friday night class. We offer JOAD to any youth who would like to participate on Friday.
There are limited slots open, so pre-pay to reserve your slot. If we sell out we will open a later shooting time.
You have 10 weeks to shoot 8 sessions (allows 2 extra weeks for make-ups).
Instruction, Equipment and Awards are included. Call to confirm class time.

Every level of achievement you reach will be
awarded with an official NAA patch.

The cost for JOAD pre-paid for 8 weeks

Members -- $80.00
Non-members -- $120.00

Instruction, Equipment and Awards are included.
You have 10 weeks to shoot 8 sessions
(Allows 2 extra weeks for make-ups)

Adult Archery Achievement Program

The United States Archery Association has recently updated their Adult Archery Achievement Program.
This program allows adults to learn proper shooting technique, achieve awards based on score, and pursue
competition if they wish. It is run similar to the Junior Olympic Archery Development Program (JOAD), but
with higher goals that offer a challenge for the adult beginner (20+) as well as the experienced archer. During
the League, participants receive clear instruction and coaching by a certified coach or instructor.
Archers using recurve, compound or traditional bows have the opportunity to earn awards for their scores which
become progressively more challenging to achieve as the archer's skill level increases.

Many of our parents want to shoot with their kids as a family. This program includes instruction, equipment
(except compound bows), scoring and awards. Adults earn certificates for each level of achievement in Indoor
and Outdoor rounds. For the Indoor program, adults may shoot traditional, barebow, recurve or their own
compound bows. Adults shoot at 18 m and 40 cm targets indoors. Compound shooters score the inner ten ring.
Outdoor distances, are at 30 m, 50 m, and 70 m.

The cost pre-paid for eight weeks

Members -- $64.00
Non-member -- $80.00

We allow you ten weeks to shoot eight sessions.

We offer this program on Friday evenings from 5:30 - 7:30 PM.

Call for current times.

Spokane Valley Archery
3809 South Linke Road
Greenacres, WA 99016


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